About Work Wider

Our goal at Work Wider is to change the way companies work by making diverse teams a reality.

What is Work Wider?

Work Wider is both a career and recruitment ecosystem for underrepresented communities, as well as a website where companies come to hire unrepresented talent.

Why Should I Work Wider?

We offer companies the opportunity to accelerate growth and improve decision-making by engaging with and attracting a more diverse pool of candidates. We provide job seekers industry-specific content, a community of peers, and quality hiring connections in your industry.

It’s Time for All of Us to Work Wider

Our vision is for this to be a fully ADA compliant site. But we will make mistakes along the way. We will continue to evolve the site to make it work for everyone. Please tell us when we can do better. We welcome your involvement. We need your help. Because it really is time for all of us to Work Wider.

Work Wider Founder

Michele Lanza After 20+ years of HR experience, Michele knows the value a company realizes when employees can bring their full selves to work. And as a member of a number of the Work Wider communities, she is committed to creating support systems for underrepresented communities. Well before founding Work Wider, a keen interest in innovative strategies led Michele to develop the ground-breaking online blind selection process for entry level talent work at Ketchum called LaunchPad that was featured in Fast Company. Michele is also passionate about deploying recruiting processes that foster diversity and inclusion. She has experienced firsthand the value it creates for teams and businesses.
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