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mom pushing daughter on bike while dad is walking behind them

The “Future Of Work” Still Sucks. Just Ask Working Parents.

Black women wearing pink jacket sitting down in office

Alone at the Top: How Black Women Can Survive and Thrive in Leadership

Man standing along with arms up

3 reasons autonomy is more important than flexibility

Women sitting on floor working on a computer

The 'working' job interviews that go too far

Music notes

Meet Raven Chacon, the first Native American to win the Pulitzer Prize for music

Black and white pattern

3 Ways To Support Employees During Tragedy

Older women smiling

How to Combat Ageism in the Workplace

Number eight on a brick wall

8 words you should never use to describe yourself in an interview (and what to say instead)

A group of Black women standing in front of a mural wearing white shirts

A note to employers: Black talent can tell if 'diversity' is just a buzzword

Number 10 on a spoon

The 10 most in-demand entry-level remote jobs to land right now—and where to find them

Question mark on a wall

How to Ask for Feedback from an Interviewer

Women caring an LGBQIA flag

Why California law requires teaching about LGBTQ Americans in public schools

Hand raised in a crowd

How to tap into your alumni network to find jobs and paying gigs

a group of people shaking hands

How to make a great first impression when you onboard for that new job


Has your motivation to work declined? Maybe your values have shifted

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